TOTE Maritime has been selected as one the Best Employers in Puerto Rico.

TMPR has been selected as one the Best Employers in Puerto Rico. Is our first year participating and we were ranked as number 1 under the category that we participated (small companies of 25-64 employees) This study is performed annually by AON and recognizes companies  that strive to maintain high employee engagement levels, best human resources practices as well as by identifying, the programs its employee’s value most, all which promote better business results.


The employee participation on this study was 87%, which is a great representation of the employees opinions and perspective about TMPR.


Best Employers have in common some of the following statistics:


Drive incremental operating profits

Achieve incremental Sales Growth

Have lower staff turnover levels

Have more internal promotions

What are the business advantages of being selected as one of the best employers in PR:

Is a good value proposition to retain and attract new talent


This study measure the employee engagement  levels and HR Practices that we have strong and the ones that we have to improve,

and increase our branding name between our clients  and our communities.


The Best Employers are characterized because their Human Resources programs and practices are aligned to their business strategy, and the execution is highly effective. These companies are also characterized for identifying, developing and promoting their employees, keeping a high level of engagement and better business results.


Some of the programs evaluated:

Selection and recruitment




Corporate Social Responsibility


Training and Development

Performance Management